Top quality outdoor hot tubs from Finland

All Novitek outdoor hot tubs are designed and manufactured in Finland for the varying conditions of the north. Browse our four collections to choose the outdoor hot tub with the external dimensions, massage intensity and features to fit your needs.


Lumispa is an outdoor hot tub with a modern Scandinavian design and perfect features. It stands the test of time, pleases the eye and endures heavy use – as good design always does.


The hot tubs of the Select collection have a classic design and fit well in the traditional Finnish landscape. The collection includes three excellently equipped hot tubs, the seating options of which provide a wonderful bathing experience to suit every taste.


Our PRO collection is a pool collection designed entirely for rental use. The use of the Hot tubs is designed to be as easy as possible for both the owner and the tenant. The pool technology is in a locked space so you can have the safest mind when renting your property. Serviceability has also been made easy with special paneling and customized technology.