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Thermal insulation
The walls and bottom of the tubs are insulated with Finnish extruded polyurethane insulation that guarantees top of the line thermal insulation.
Durable insulating cover
Each tub comes with a 12 cm thick weatherproof insulating cover that keeps the water ready for bathing all year round.
Aluminum frame
Each of our tubs is equipped with a durable aluminum frame. The aluminum frame distributes the mass of water evenly over the entire tub. The frame is constructed and insulated so as not to allow any heat loss to form in the machinery space
LED lighting
The multicolor LED mood lighting makes the bath even more relaxing. With the Classic and Exclusive collections, you also have the option of adding lighted jets and controls.
Balboa control panel
Novitek outdoor hot tubs are equipped with control panels by the American Balboa, the leading manufacturer in the industry. The control panels are supremely reliable and built to endure any weather condition.
Fiber filtration system & ozonization
The fiber filtration system cleans the water of debris and impurities from the skin. Ozonization destroys bacteria and algal spores in the water, making the water clear and fresh effectively and ecologically. The water always stays sparkling clean.
Synthetic base
Novitek tubs have thick layers of insulation, thanks to which you do not need to install a separate insulating board under the tub. The ABS plastic base protects the bottom insulation and machinery.
Composite siding
The composite siding on the external surfaces of the hot tubs is excellent for all weather conditions due to its unique features. The composite material retains its original color well, is easy to keep clean and looks just as good after many years of use.