Everything you need to know about Novitek hot tubs.

Getting started

We already own a wood-burning hot tub, why should I buy an electric hot tub?
Both types of hot tubs allow you to enjoy the outdoor air, warm water and good company. A wood-burning hot tub, however, requires troublesome preparations and follow-up compared to an electric hot tub.

Before bathing, the wood-burning tub needs to be filled with water and heated with wood. An electric hot tub is always ready for use, and the water temperature can be adjusted by pressing a couple of buttons. A wood-burning hot tub needs to be washed after every use, whereas an electric hot tub can be left waiting ready for the next use. The water in electric hot tubs is treated with the fiber filtration system, ozonator and cleaning chemicals.

In addition to the ease of use, you can notice the difference when you are in the water. Electric hot tubs are designed to be ergonomic, and their massage features comprehensively relax your entire body.
What should I consider when purchasing outdoor hot tub?
Before purchasing an outdoor hot tub, you should think about where the hot tub will be placed and how many people will be using it. The placement and number of bathers affect the suitable size for your hot tub. The Novitek collection includes outdoor hot tubs ranging in size from 190 x 190 cm all the way to 275 x 220 cm.

Next, it is worth considering what purpose the hot tub will be used for. The choice of hot tub is affected by your own preferences regarding massage features, for example. If you want to invest in massage features, you should consider the number and power of the massage pumps.

The shape of the hot tub also makes a difference. Novitek’s collections include hot tubs from simple models to various design options. You can choose between upright seats, lounge seats and something in between. We promise that you can find a hot tub for any purpose in our selection.
Where can I familiarize myself with Novitek outdoor hot tubs?
Novitek outdoor hot tubs are sold in over 150 stores around Finland. Most retailers have showpieces at their stores, but you should check this by calling the store before your visit. Find your nearest retailer’s contact information easily on the Retailers page.

In addition to the retailers, you can familiarize yourself with the Novitek outdoor hot tubs in our showroom built adjacent to our factory in Salo. Our showroom offers an opportunity to bathe in as many as seven different hot tubs. You get to familiarize yourself with our hot tubs’ technical features and design, as well as experience the relaxing effect of an outdoor hot tub in practice. Book your visit by contacting our sales personnel.
What comes with the delivery?
All Novitek outdoor hot tubs come with a thick insulating cover, a filter cartridge, starting chemicals and clear instructions. The hot tub, delivered to your yard, is ready for use after installation, and you do not have to buy e.g., chemicals right away.
What is the difference between Basic and Premium hot tubs?
The Salla, Olos and Halti outdoor hot tubs of the Select collection are available with either Basic or Premium equipment. The size, design and materials are the same with both equipment levels, but the Premium equipment package improves your hot tub’s features even further.

Compared to the Basic hot tubs, the Premium tubs have more effective massage functions, because all three pumps have a power of 1,5 kW instead of 1.3 kW. In addition to this, the Premium hot tubs have a separate, energy-efficient filter pump.

While the Basic hot tubs have waterline lighting, the Premium tubs also include LED-illuminated jets and controls. The multicolor LED lights improve the ambiance of the bathing experience.

Use of the Premium hot tubs is made easier and more flexible than before with the next generation CMS remote control feature. The CMS app connects you to your hot tub from any smartphone or tablet. You can control the lights or temperature, set up timed functions and more. The app will instantly notify you if anything occurs with your hot tub that you need to know about.


What kind of electrical connection does an outdoor hot tub require?
The electrical connection must be protected with a residual-current device.
Where can I place the outdoor hot tub,and what kind of a foundation does it require?
You can place the outdoor hot tub almost anywhere. You can install the hot tub e.g., outdoors on the yard, on a terrace, sunken into a terrace, on a balcony or indoors. The requirements are that the surface is flat, structurally uniform and free of frost heaving, and withstands the weight of the hot tub unaltered.
Can I sink the outdoor hot tub into a terrace?
Yes you can. If you want to sink the hot tub into a terrace, you need to make separate maintenance hatches into the terrace on each side of the hot tub. The maintenance hatches must allow for the hot tub’s side panels to be opened freely and provide enough room to work next to the hot tub if necessary.

The hot tubs of the Select, Exclusive and Lumispa collections can be factory-fitted with sink paneling as an accessory. With this paneling, the hot tub can be sunk into a terrace without separate maintenance hatches built into the terrace. The sink paneling can be placed at most 40 cm from the bottom of the hot tub to the top of the terrace.


What kind of maintenance and cleaning does an outdoor hot tub require?
Outdoor hot tubs are easy and effortless to maintain and clean. It is good to always add chlorine or some other water treatment chemical into the hot tub after bathing, or once per week even when no one has bathed in the tub.

The fiber filter needs to be rinsed at least twice per month and replaced every time you change the water, i.e., twice per year on average.For washing the fiber filter more effectively, we provide a filter cleaning spray, which effectively removes oil, grease and limescale from the fiber filter.

When you change the water 2–4 times per year, the hot tub needs to be wiped thoroughly with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth and cleaning agent. The sanitary acrylic surface is a hard, glossy and easy-to-clean material, making the care of the surface very easy. As a cleaning agent, we recommend using TecCare’s disinfecting cleaning spray. TecCare effectively cleans and disinfects all surfaces. The product effectively destroys 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

When you change the water, the plumbing must also be washed with plumbing cleaning agent. This product is intended for the effective cleaning of the plumbing, and it removes any dirt and grease accumulated in the plumbing.
What is there to maintain in an outdoor hot tub?
Novitek outdoor hot tubs are handmade in Salo, Finland, with only the highest quality hot tub components and equipment. Our goal is that there will be nothing additional to maintain.

We have, however, taken into account possible risk factors and as easy serviceability as possible in the design of our outdoor hot tubs. The insulating boards are attached directly to the siding, allowing for easy maintenance of all parts. All pumps and electronics are installed on platforms, so that any possible water leaking to the machinery space cannot damage them. All pumps and electronics can also be replaced without emptying the hot tub.

The maintenance of Novitek outdoor hot tubs is handled centrally in Salo. We have all spare parts in store, so you can be sure that the hot tub is repaired swiftly.
How often must I change the water in my outdoor hot tub?
The water of an outdoor hot tub should be changed 2–4 times per year depending on the utilization rate of the hot tub. The water does not need to be changed anymore frequently than this, because the water is treated in three different ways simultaneously. With the fiber filter, ozonator and cleaning chemicals, the water stays clean and clear.

1.The fiber filter collects small, loose debris from the water. The fiber filter needs to be replaced every time you change the water. The service life of the fiber filter can be prolonged and filtration efficiency improved by rinsing the cartridge 2–4 times per month with running water. For washing the fiber filter more effectively, we provide a filter cleaning spray, which effectively removes oil, grease and limescale from the fiber filter. The filtration system of all Novitek® outdoor hot tubs is completely automatic.

2. All hot tubs manufactured by Novitek are equipped with an ozonator.  The purpose of the ozonator is to remove bacteria, particles and stuffy smell from the water. The system is functioning when the gray ozone jet at the bottom of the hot tub produces bubbles. The ozonator is completely maintenance-free and does not require any measures by the user. Nevertheless, we recommend replacing the device every 3–4 years to achieve the best possible effectiveness in keeping the water clean.

3. The purpose of cleaning chemicals (chlorine) is to keep the water disinfected, clear and clean and remove bacteria from the water. In addition to chlorine, the cleaning chemicals used can be chlorine-free active oxygen tablets or SpaBalancer water care agent. More detailed instructions on the administration of cleaning chemicals can be found on the package of the chemical.
How do I empty the hot tub?
The hot tub is emptied with a submersible pump into the wastewater drain. With the Novitek submersible pump, the hot tub is quick and easy to empty. Our pump is made of a durable material. Thanks to its good design, the pump drains the hot tub almost entirely empty. The pump is easy to use, because it does not have a separate float switch.
What kind of warranty do the outdoor hot tubs have?
All Novitek outdoor hot tubs have a warranty program of 10 years. The warranty program is a proof of quality and guarantees the user with carefree years of bathing.


How much electricity does an outdoor hot tub consume?
The electricity costs of an outdoor hot tub are usually approx. €300–500 per year.The energy consumption of an outdoor hot tub depends on the size, utilization rate and water temperature of the hot tub, as well as the weather and the actions of the user.

Novitek outdoor hot tubs are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. All our hot tubs are insulated with Finnish extruded polyurethane insulating material resistant to fire and mold. Each hot tub is insulated around the sides and bottom, thanks to which the operating costs stay moderate.

We tested the energy consumption of an outdoor hot tub over the period of a year. During this time period, the outdoor temperature was as low as -30 °C at times. In spite of this, the 1,100-liter hot tub consumed only 2,200 kWh of electricity. The water temperature stayed at 37 °C for the entire test period, and the hot tub was used 2–3 times per week on average. We also made sure to use the hot tub’s Economy Mode, heating the water only during the filtration period.
How is the outdoor hot tub insulated? Will it withstand harsh frosts?
All our hot tubs are insulated with Finnish extruded polyurethane insulating material resistant to fire and mold. Each hot tub is insulated around the sides and bottom. Thanks to the insulation, the hot tub is kept ready for use year-round. Furthermore, each hot tub comes with a thick insulating cover that keeps the heat from dissipating.

Novitek outdoor hot tubs are designed for the demanding Finnish weather conditions.  Thanks to their high-quality components and insulation, they withstand even the harshest of winters and stay energy-efficient.

Our hot tubs are also equipped with a frost guard that automatically starts all the pumps if the water temperature falls below 7.5 °C. This keeps the water moving, so the water cannot freeze.

For the most challenging conditions, we offer a 3 kW supplementary heater installed at the factory to the Classic, Exclusive and Lumispa hot tubs. The supplementary heater heats the water faster to the set temperature and maintains the temperature in even the harshest frost.

What happens if there is a power outage?
In the event of a power outage, do not open the insulating cover! The hot tub starts again automatically after the power comes back on. After a power outage, you should check the functions and water temperature of the hot tub.

Short power outages from a few minutes to a few hours do not affect the functionality of the hot tub. The hot tub will not freeze over even in freezing weather: this would require a power outage of several days. In the event of a longer power outage, please contact your retailer or the Novitek maintenance service.
Do I need to take a shower before entering the hot tub?
Taking a shower before entering the hot tub is not absolutely necessary, but it is highly recommended, so as not to allow additional substances or grease to enter the hot tub e.g., from deodorants, perfumes, hair styling products or body lotions. Taking a shower keeps the water in the hot tub clear longer, and the filter does not need to be replaced as often.
What treatment measures does the outdoor hot tub require after use?
After bathing, you need to add some cleaning chemical to the hot tub and put the insulating cover over the hot tub. Make sure that the cover sets tightly in place and remains in place. After this, the hot tub is ready for the next use.